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When will the regarding tax information can found in the menu on the left by selecting Sourc document. Modify data such as: income income and cost. Where you can change the already select data or add other sources of income from sources other than business activity. However, if we do not want to add anything, select Back to testimony at the top left for add or change discounts. However, if we do not want to add anything, select Back to testimony at the top left. Your relief and ductions provide detail of the organization to which we want to allocat . When will the the tax this option is possible if the tax return show tax to be paid the amount appears in.

Your e-PIT - reliefs and

Tax enter or change the bank account for the refund if you do not want the refund to be automatically. Transferr to the account in the service the amount to be refund is visible in green. Your summary it other data, such as purpose of submitting the philippines photo editor testimony. The settlement method chosen at the beginning, amount of social contributions, PESEL NIP. Address details, tax office to which the settlement is sent , other data information about the Large. Family Card, contact details such as telephone number, e-mail, information about the residence certificate.

Your e-PIT it data

At the very end you can: accept and send the testimony, save changes, choose preview of the testimony, reject the PIT settlement. Your accept and send Canada People Clup┬áIf you want to send the settlement to the Tax Office, a message will appear asking you to confirm the shipment or go back to iting the return. Your confirm sending In such a case – while logg in to your e-pit account – you do not ne to confirm the shipment with any amount of revenue.

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