The data and the prompts

Call Code Interpreter) which is the feature that lets you upload CSV files and ask it to draw charts. So you can upload your marketing analytics data from any source and ask it for visualizations and insights. This is fast and powerful analysis. Bad at Excel Never us Looker Studio Not a data scientist No worries. Just ask the AI to visualize data for you. In under 10 minutes you’ll do things that us to take a full day or help from a high-skill expert. All you ne is marketing data. The more the better. Here are six charts and the prompts we

Us to create each.

Try them. If you get stuck just ask AI for help. If you’re an Orbit client you can ask me. Caution! Check with legal before uploading data to an AI. If  business lead you’re an agency ask your client before uploading their data. There is no way to delete any of the files after they’ve been upload. Chart #1 Competitive analysis of your key pages (heatmap matrix) On the left is a prioritiz list of the information nes of your ideal client bas on your buyer’s decision criteria for selecting a company like yours. On the right the colors shading the cells of this matrix

Show the degree

Which those information nes are met (or not met) on your page and on your competitors’ pages. Dark blue means the page doesn’t answer their questions at all. Dark r Canada People means the page is specifically focus on that topic. There are no analytics programs that generate this report. But here it is… heatmap showing information nes and your competitors pages How to make this chart Use these prompts Ideally you have document personas or ICPs (ideal client profiles) which you can load into the AI. If you do you can skip the

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