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Contents Web design and its mistakes Non-mobile friendly design When it comes to web design , mobile-friendly design is considere the most important thing these days . That seems like a bit of an overstatement, but it’s actually very watertight when you consider that mobile-friendliness makes your web design accessible to everyone, regardless of their optimize for computers, smartphones, tablets and game consoles, as most game consoles today have browsers. And since Google recommends mobile-friendly design , it makes it even more important. Google supports three different mobile-friendly design configurations:

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Websites that use scalable web design, which means that all devices see the same URL, and each device sees the same HTML code, but the CSS code is the page scalable. This configuration is also recommende by Google itself. Websites that show the same Latest Mailing Database URL to every device, but have their own HTML and CSS code for each device, depending on whether they’re on a computer or some other device. Websites that have both mobile friendly web design and desktop web design separately. Favicon e. There is no Favorites icon Many website visitors prefer to use many tabs while browsing. Some users leave tabs open so they can revisit them later.

Latest Mailing Database

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Favicons provide visitors with a visual bookmark that helps them recognize your website. 404 Not Found error pages 404 pages are silent web traffic Canada People killers. An informal survey of 3475 users showe that most users do not try to do anything to solve the problem. Most users just hit the back button and forget about the website. Your homepage uses carousels Carousels aren’t always bad. They become a problem when people navigate the website less than half automatically. killers because they cause banner obscurity (looks like ads), which in turn reuces conversions.

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