Tools and Software A Comparative Review

Good. Let’s go to Tools and DinoRANK’s internal Pagerank module . pagerank interno dinorank We again find a ball graph. The black one is the home and the rest of the colors represent groups of URLs that “share the same theme.” For example, the small red balls are receiving link juice from the big ball of the same color. Again, using the search engine below this graph you can quickly locate a specific URL and, by clicking on it, you will see its internal linking graph so you know where it is receiving its authority from. This is the synergy between Internal Linking and DinoRANK’s.

Improve content Tools and Of course another fundamental factor

Internal Pagerank that I mentioned top industry data before . Now, you should check how much authority the most relevant URLs on the website are receiving and modify the internal linking if necessary so that they can have more strength and position better. Improve content Of course, another fundamental factor in the positioning of a website is its content, so in your SEO audit you must analyze it from several aspects. Let’s start with thin content , that is, poor content or content that barely receives organic traffic . This type of content is generally useless and although you might think that there is no problem leaving it there, that is not the case.

The black one is the home and the rest of the colors represent groups

These are URLs that waste crawl budget Canada People and may be preventing robots from accessing more important URLs. It is content that will not satisfy the user, either because it is scarce or because it is outdated, and that is something that Google cares about. That is why it is so important to detect it. You can use Screaming Frog to find out which URLs have little content. By clicking on the “Content” tab you will access a list of the website’s URLs and the number of words they contain. You just have to click on Word Count to order them from smallest to largest and analyze them.

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