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Be careful: just because Keyword Research content has few words does not mean that it is necessarily thin content. thin content screaming frog SEMrush also has a content analysis option, Content Analyzer , where it gives you data about outdated content or poor content that you need to review. In addition, it allows you to see a list of URLs with the number of words in the post, the times it has been shared on Facebook and Twitter, impressions, clicks… so you can evaluate which one needs to be reviewed. thin content semrush I am going to use the DinoRANK Thin Content Detection module.

Content or poor Keyword Research content that you need to review

After entering the dates between which industry email list you want to check which. URLs have hardly received any visits, you will obtain a list that you. Will have to analyze since, sometimes, recently published. URLs that have not yet generated much traffic. Or others such as legal texts that, Although they do not have visits, they cannot. Be removed from the web. On the website that I give you as an example. Many of the URLs that are not receiving visits are tags so. Depending on the SEO usefulness of these tags, internal links. Could be created to them to bring. Them traffic or directly deindex them.

They are what are known as Orphan Pages

Thin content dinorank A very Canada People interesting function that DinoRANK has is that if you click on any of the URLs in the list, it will take you to the Internal Link function so you can check which links point to it. Sometimes a URL receives no traffic because there are no links (either internal or external) that take bots and users to it. They are what are known as Orphan Pages. What can you do with the thin content you detect on a website? It depends on the situation: here are different options: Make a redirect to other quality content that is related If you think the content is worthwhile, you can create internal links to it Expand and improve your content so that it begins to attract visits and improve your positioning

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