What is Sarahah, the new app for sending anonymous messages

What is sarahah, the new app for sending anonymous messages.  The new instant messaging app is getting incredible success.  Even as the fear grows that it will incentivize cyberbullying. What’s the secret to creating a successful app? A good idea and the right audience to spread it with! – ah also a team of capable and willing programmers, like that of mp quadro. For ideas and reflections, here the case of sarahah is examined.  The new app that for some time has been at the top of the ranking of apps for ios and android. 

How is Sarahah born?

Sarahah is an instant messaging application that allows. You to send messages to any person in a completely.  Anonymous way, without the recipient having the ability to respond . new database Or trace the sender. Light your own brand. Let’s talk about it! Imageimage how is sarahah born? Sarahah, which in arabic means “honesty”, was initially born in saudi arabia . As a website dedicated to companies to allow employees to send . Opinions and comments to their superiors anonymously, with the complete freedom . To express their judgment without fear of possible repercussions. The site achieves a good success.  In the corporate field, so much so that the founder, the 29-year-old saudi zain al-abidin tawfiq, 

How does Sarahah work?

He idea is brilliant: the app spreads quickly among people. ,   especially among teens, who begin.  To use it to send messages and opinions in complete anonymity. The young people begin to insert the sarahah link on their . Instagram and facebook profiles and a Canada People further turning point comes.  With an update of snapchat, with which it becomes possible to insert.  The links inside the snaps, I.E. The photos that users share on snapchat and that disappear after 24 hours. Light your own brand. Let’s talk about it! Imageimage how does sarahah work? It’s very simple: by registering on the app.  On the site – sarahah shows a text box in which to write what you want to the person you want. To know the user’s address, simply enter the person’s personalized link

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