A shampoo spot breaks with classic beauty ideals in advertising

The cosmetics and hair care products brand Guhl Kao says goodbye to the traditional advertising model in the world of beauty . Leave the models aside to show shower scenes from everyday life and relaunch the brand with a new vision. As Horizont points out , the spot does not highlight the perfect bodies, flawless skin and enviably beautiful hair that normally appear in a shampoo commercial. Until now Guhl followed this same trend, but now they are looking to reinvent the advertising of hair care products . The brand’s new campaig with classic beauty ideals.

Deliberately breaks with classic beauty ideals

Guhl Kao’s campaign highlights category email list authentic moments of real people in their showers, without the use of Photoshop. Under the title ” Echt Vertraut ” the brand seeks to present advertising for hair care products from another perspective thanks to authentic images of real people in familiar moments of everyday life. If you do not display the embedded video correctly, click here . The commitment to authenticity does not end at the spot. The brand is relaunching where they seek to get closer to the needs and lifestyles of consumers. Armin Haery , marketing director at Guhl.

The brand has also made changes regarding the ingredients of its products

Points out that the brand seeks Canada People to put “a modern understanding of inner and outer beauty at the center of our communication and show people in all their diversity.” The director notes that these changes should make the Guhl brand “closer, more emotional and more relevant.” In addition to this commitment, the brand has also made changes regarding the ingredients of its products . The new recipes are vegan and do not contain ingredients of animal origin. 98% of them are biodegradable and the bottles are made of 99% recycled plastic.

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