Fast fashion grows 300% and drives the recovery of the fashion sector

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid returns in 2022 with its new edition and with a more optimistic spirit than in previous years. This positivity returns after the crisis caused by covid19 and. Despite inflation and the imminent crisis. The fashion sector remains standing thanks to fast fashion. It is estimated that this new trend has grown by 300%, according to the study carried out by the online bank N26.

What are the categories where fast fashion has grown the most?

The first and most important top industry data conclusion that the study demonstrates is that online commerce has recovered before physical commerce. According to the data recorded by the bank. The majority of payment operations were carried out online. The growth of the categories has not been similar : fast fashion stores saw the number of acquisitions increase by 291.86% in June 2022. Despite this increase in purchases. Investment by Spaniards is lower. The study data proves this claim. In 2021, the average expense in this type of business was €64.5. While this year it was reduced to €56.

Zara, Primark and Vinted: the stores most chosen by Spaniards

The study has also carried out a ranking Canada People of the stores most chosen by Spaniards and Zara. Primark and Vinted are in the top 3. The average amount per purchase for Zara is €47, Primark €28 and Vinted €23.5. Zalando, Shein, Bershka, Stradivarius. Uniqlo and Nike continue . Zara leads again. With a total investment of more than 6.2 million euros, well above Zalando. Which is second with just over 3.3 million. Sports fashion achieved another peak in May 2022 in which payment operations were 41% higher than last year. Women are the ones who consume the most fast fashion and their age is between 25 and 34 years old . But men lead in purchasing sportswear.

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