The surprising trend among Gen Z on YouTube ASMR videos triumph

The surprising trend Generation Z has broken all models. According to a study. Viral content has lost the battle against personalized and relaxing content on YouTube in this age range. Thus forcing pop culture to evolve. 55% of respondents from this generation say they consume content that no one they know is interested in. The digital culture of the 2000s and early 2010s is largely defined by viral videos. But, according to an Ipsos survey published in 2022. Generation Z prefers personalized and relaxing content.

Relaxing content, about nature and more than 10 hours

ASMR has been a popular type of industry email list content on the platform for some years now; in 2021 alone. ASMR -related videos accumulated more than 65 billion views on YouTube. But to this has been added the Cottage Core trend. Driven mainly on TikTok as a consequence of the pandemic, or simply the new boom in pleasant videos. Also trending is “Responsive Creativity” content. Which refers to the creation and consumption of trends given by the adaptation of video platforms to meet their emotional or psychological needs.

Videos of everyday life

Gen Z has a special interest in nostalgic Canada People or comforting videos. Users often visit the channels of their favorite content creators doing everyday activities such as studying. Reading, cooking or drawing accompanied by soft music. The last two years have been a period of special stress for young people. Which is why the consumption of this type of content has increased. The report notes that 90% of Generation Z have watched a video that has helped them feel “as if they were somewhere else.”

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