Addressing the Problem of Pornography

This is a disease that needs to be treated, and curing it will cure all sins, not just certain sins.

Therefore, do everything we can to make the afterlife feel real in our hearts.

Read the Quran, pray to God, and continue to pray, until your heart bows to God.

The problem is not pornography alone but the fact is a heart

Oft enough, not humble enough and submissive to God.

This is a problem that needs to be fixed.

And the way to deal with it is to dedicate at Latest Mailing Database least an hour every day to worship — circumcision prayer, reading the Quran or praying every time after the obligatory prayer.

If we can do this for a few days, God willing our hearts will become soft and submissive.

Our awareness of God’s All-Watching will increase.

Our will to worship also through good deeds will increase, until we enter a state where we do not think about sin.

Always ask ourselves: Is the afterlife important to us?

If it feels distant and unimportant, it means we have failed to place God in our hearts.

This is what we must strive to improve.

We Should Know That All Our Recorded. Practices Are True.

We Should Always Strive to Increase. Good Practices, and Worry About. The Sins That Have Been Recorded.

We need to constantly ask for forgiveness because we will never be sure if God has

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Once the afterlife feels so real, it will evoke emotions Canada People in us (when thinking about Heaven makes us feel excited with pleasure, and thinking about Hell makes us afraid), then we know that we have finally managed to balance the present life with the afterlife.

Addicted to sin will happen when a person is attached to the present life (world), when the afterlife is only perceived and not something real, and life is only about eating and drinking.

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