Publishing an Article is Only Half of the Process

This is a great way to encourage your readers to comment on your writing, either in the comments section or when they share it to social media like facebook.

You will be able to find out what your readers are thinking.

Below is an example of a cover with this method.
Below is an example of a closing paragraph for a post titled 9 tips for publishing articles.

To encourage readers to work hard, they are reminded that the tips that have been mentioned are very useful:

Publishing an article is only half of the process

You might think that after clicking the publish Database button, we can finally relax – but we really don’t.

Even if you have your own flow of visitors and sharing to social media is done automatically, producing a blog post alone will NOT reach its potential unless you carry out things like the checklist above.

Try these tips and you will see what I mean.

If your previous behavior was ‘ publish & ignore ‘, then now is the time to change.

Use the concise method above and surely your blog post will skyrocket.

I hope this article helps you maximize the results of your efforts!

From the article: 9 Important Things to Do After Publish an Article

Method Give Words of Encouragement
Sometimes, we talk about something that may be difficult for readers.

Because there are big obstacles blocking their efforts from implementing what we say


This obstacle may be self-doubt, feeling Canada People overwhelmed or depressed.

The paragraph below is the conclusion to an article about producing good and interesting writing.

It gives the reader words of encouragement to overcome doubt:

My style and way of writing articles, maybe not the same as your writing style .

This does not mean that you should change your style and writing style, but you can take the elements that I describe in this article, and adapt them to your writing style.

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