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And an advertiser comes, interrupts the show, and shows an ad. Worse, it shows ads without asking you if you want to see them or understanding whether you’re a good candidate for the product. Inbound turns this logic on its head. He addresses your problems, your pain first. It engages you in communication and lets you understand your situation before talking about products and solutions. How did this conversation begin? There is content. Thus, the discipline of content marketing was born. Produce text, images, videos.

He addresses your problems

Everything is centered around the customer’s pain points. Focus on educating, nurturing and qualifying potential consumers to purchase. Then, as you probably new data  already know, marketing-focused agencies, startups, and companies quickly jumped into this vein and started mass-producing content. In Brazil, this initiative is led by companies like Rock Content, who have done an excellent job educating the market on the importance of this strategy. Why invest in content marketing? Why Invest in.

Then as you probably already know

Content Marketing Conceptually, this all makes Canada People sense. But then we get into the business environment. After all, businessmen, Brazilian or not, want money. Want results. And, in this case, he always asks himself: “So I don’t need to sell my product, but I need to create content for my customer? But I want to sell to him  not educate him!” That’s right , but now is the time to remember this: 90% of people are out and about when they make a purchase. In other words, almost everyone who can buy from you doesn’t. 

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