Guerrilla marketing How to advertise without advertising

For the first time, the concept of guerrilla marketing (English Guerrilla marketing) was spoken. The advertising man Jay Levinson in the mid-80s of the last century. In his book, he described low-budget advertising methods for small businesses. Interestingly, the author did not describe the meaning of the term itself. But the concept began to be widely used by marketers and advertisers. Today, the concept of “guerrilla marketing” means.

low-budget, non-standard marketing

Finding new ways to tell your audience about your product is not an Phone Number List easy task. It is increasingly difficult for modern businesses to do this, because advertising surrounds us from all possible sources. Even the term “banner blindness” appeared. A phenomenon in which the Internet user ignores not only banners, but also any elements similar to advertising. Recently, Therefore, it becomes obvious that traditional methods of advertising no longer work, and this forces marketers to look for new, fresh, non-standard ways to promote a product.

consumers do not suspect that they are exposed to advertising

The main difference between guerilla marketing and traditional marketing is that it involves cheap and. Most importantly, unusual methods of attracting customers. It arose as a Canada People response to the need to “promote” small businesses that have very little or no advertising budget. Guerrilla marketing Another interesting feature is that “guerrilla” advertising is seen mainly by the target audience. If the usual activity is visible to everyone, including competitors and CA, then a small budget forces you to place ads in a targeted manner. Therefore, it can be hidden from competitors for a long time.

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