A media plan is a kind of guide to action, or, in other words, a holistic promotion strategy. With its help, you can understand which advertising.  In addition, a media plan for an advertising campaign allows you to manage your promotion budget as efficiently as possible. It is necessary if you need to have a working advertising concept and know in advance. How it will reach potential clients and what results it will bring. Often, an online advertising media plan is developed before the launch of a major campaign, or if a brand is just entering the market and needs to be loudly announced.

How does a media plan differ from a content plan?

In simple terms, a content plan is a publication calendar. Therefore specialist Email Marketing List  compiles a list of topics for posts, selects images or video materials, and sets dates.  The media plan contains comprehensive information about the future advertising campaign. It regulates placement formats, channels used, timing, budget and all the main characteristics of promotion. Having collected all the data in one place, it is much easier to navigate the market, track the effectiveness of advertising and, of course, control the budget. Both the content plan and the media plan are drawn up after analyzing the customer’s goals. 

To draw up a media plan, it is necessary to carefully

Analyze the market, form a portrait of a potential client, study the Canada People  publications of competitors, etc. Media planning of an advertising campaign has an indirect relation to content. The main focus is on the financial side and forecasting results. What does a media plan for an advertising campaign consist of? No two media plans are the same.  And yet there is a base of 6 points that are necessarily included in the media plan: budget for each promotion source. 

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