Readers jump from site to site faster and keeping them on the site is harder than before. If your site takes a long time to load, readers will go elsewhere in seconds. Here are some optimization tools for you to reduce the size of your images: For Mac: ImageOptim ( https :// imageoptim . com / mac ) For PC: FileOptimizer ( https :// sourceforge . net / projects / nikkhokkho / files / latest / download ) How many pictures should be included in the blog post? It depends on the length of the textual content. You should put a main image, WordPress’ featured-image, in each blog post. to select this image, because it will appear both in social media shares and in the list of posts. Besides that, I would put more pictures to divide the long article at regular intervals.

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A long piece of text is difficult to read and readers may even give up entirely if there is too much text in one tube. Pictures new data can be used to pause the text and divide it into separate entities.reader to understand the content of the text and interest is maintained. Here are the blogger’s top 5 image tips for you Pay attention to the quality of the images. Do not use low quality images, eg small images that you have enlarged. Be careful with access rights. Play it safe and take pictures yourself or look for CC0 license pictures in image banks.

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 Also remember the search engine optimization of images. Use the search word you want in the image name and alt tag. Avoid large image files. Use images to break up a long text. Good luck choosing fonts Choosing a font can be confusing. There is an absolutely stunning selection of fonts, one more beautiful than the other. How on earth do you manage to choose the right one? You Canada People can’t go wrong with these tips. Increase sales and competitive advantage with a unified look of graphicsLet’s first think about different font styles and what comes to mind.

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